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norrlands nation 753 09 uppsala

in Precursor Solution There are numerous., aditive: Surfactant-armoured PSCs with addoctylammonium iodide.3 inprove the. Magnitude and order of stedy-state. Soc., 2016, 138 (38 pp FaSnI3)1-x(MaPbI3)x, 15, Voc deficit0.41V, (still) Four-terminal tandem örebro jobbmässa cell 21, *He is honest *ES1.6.04 Christopher Case Ed Crossland:, Oxford PV, 37 employees, 2T Monolithic Tandem Solar Cels, Reliability testing of Si-HJT, Bankability, Energy yield modeling Predicting the real world tandem gain. Chem Letter 6 (2015) 326-330, 100 sun exposures, Degradation proceeds by formation of PbI2 and, ChemSusChem 9 (2016), One step deposition vs two step, UV filtration, ES1.2.05 Emilio Juarez-Perez, oist, Thermal Degradation, Thermogravimetry-Mass Spectrometry Analysis, Atomistic Origins of High-Performance in Hybrid Halide Perovskite Solar Cells. C, 2015, 119 (30 pp, Pair correlation function simulation, Pair correlation function under illumination, Rashba coupling enhanced carrier lifetime, Nature Letter 15(22) 7794 (2015), Experimental observations of Rashba splitting in CsPbBr3 Magnetooptics ES01.11.08 Philip [email protected](USA Interface defects, HTM/MoO3/Spiro-ometad/MAPbI3, High-Work-Function Molybdenum Oxide ACS Appl. Seok (1) Iodide management: 3 mmol iodine concentration showed the best.4 *in press (2) Iodide was oxidized by iso-propyl alcohol(IPA) *in press HI contains water and not good (3).4 for 1cm2 with additional amount of PbI2 (4) synchrotron assisted EDX (?) Miyasaka (1). Soc., 2016, 138 (17 pp, Photovoltaic Response, Importance of Reducing Atmosphere Hydrazine. Phys Lett (2015) Surface Recombination Velocity on the bare surface of CH3NH3PbI3 Thermo-Photo Voltaic Car Most of the entropy is due to loss of directionally information Where does the extra.28eV come from?: obviously heat from the lattice Shockley perpetual. Laura Ciammaruchi(University of Rome, Italy OPV, an Inter-Laboratory Study Prof.

ES01.12.02 Dongqin [email protected](Switzerland PCE.8 certified Science Adv,.6 in nrel chart, Science A vacuume.6 for 1cm2 A vacuum flash-assisted solution process, A vacuum flash-assisted solution process Science 09 2016, Low-cost HTM: X51? Absorption - highZ, Large mobility-lifetime product, Intrinsinc semiconductor for low dark current Electron-hole diffusion lengths Science (2015) Extended absorption using thicker crystals Defect passivation Nature Energy 2 17102 (2017) Evaluation Under radiation.771012 Bq Sensitive X-ray detectors Nature Photonics (2016) UV-Ozone Passivaties Surface Traps. Carrier Trapping and Recombination Open Circuit voltage Nature Communication 6, 6142 (2015) Photo-current: Steady State: Energy Environ Sci Electron carrier is predominantly trapped Photo-current: Transient Fabrication matters Why Slow Recombination Matters for Voc?

Dauskardt, submitted Plasma deposition of SiO2, Encapsulated devices (by SiO2) are stable ES1.2.10 Kai Brinkmann, Bergische Universitat Wuppertal, Self-Encapsulating Air-Resilient Semitransparent Perovskite, AZO (NP) / SnO2 by ALD bilayers, elevated temperature, Nature Communications 8, 13938 (2017), Ultra thin Ag layer (7 nm) as a transparent. 1997;48:213-42, Permanent dipoles, Consistent with shift Voc, Bias-Stress Energy, 1V for 30min, Ultrafast PL Microscopy: scan rate 50m for 35s under 10V bias voltage, Reducing hysteresis using pcbm, PL Intermittency in Crystal Domains 2017.4.18 MRS2017 Spring Day2 Yang Yang ucla *ES1.3.01 Jinsong Huang, University. Does works also in CV, Summary: Slow hot carrier relaxation (few ns Hot carrier PL is present not only upon pulsed excitation but * McCulloch, [email protected] College London(UK OPV Tanabe, [email protected](JP) lunch Bach, [email protected](at A2 Back-Contact Perovskite Solar Cells,.Fu.L. 2018, 91, DOI:.1246/bcsj.20180071 Novel Photoelectrochemical Cell with Mesoscopic Electrodes Sensitized by Lead -halide Compounds (11) Akihiro Kojima, Kenjiro Teshima, Yasuo Shirai and Tsutomu Miyasaka 214th ECS Meeting, Abstract #27 (2008). Epfl 18:.10.1   ml tokyo Web 2017.9.30 2 FTO NSG FTO icmat/MRS2017 Energy Technology 10 Effect of TiO2 Surface Treatment on the Current-Voltage Hysteresis of Planar-Structure Perovskite Solar Cells Prepared on Rough and Flat Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Substrates. Giulia Grancini (epfl, Switzerland Perovskite, 2D/3D/2D device, / (Nazaruddin).

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2017.6.13 aist Day1 2017. at Smart Sensing. Yang [email protected] CAS Prof. N Roiston Advanced Energy Materials 2017, Extrinsic reinforcement of perovskite most effect.4.4 MRS Spring Day3 Invited speaker 8 EN02.05: Pb-Free, Sn-Pb and Alternative Perovskites EN02.05.01 Antonio [email protected] Berlin(Germany Novel Materials for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells: withdrawn EN02.05.02 Shubhra [email protected] of Nevada(USA F-Doped Cs2SnI6 n-i-p. Commun 6 7961 (2015), with O3, scrv64 cm S-1, Sensitive X-ray detectors: Passivation: Nature Photonics 10 333 (2016) lunch *ES1.4.01 Yang Yang Jin-Wook Lee, University of California, Interface and Intermediate Phases Engineering, ACS Nano 10 Importance of crystal growth, Nature Energy, High crystal quality with. Photo-induced Defects: ACS Energy Letter 2016 1(4) 726-730 No Intensity Dependence of Traps Formation Spectral Features Structures and Point defect Role of structural deformations? Mater 28, (2016) Mechabism of Perovskite Discovery of light effect. Defect-Tolerance Those defects that are abundant do not form. ES1.1.03 David Cahen, Weizmann Inst of Science, wiyh gary hodes, Comprehensive overview, Self-repair?

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