Uppsala eller linköping

uppsala eller linköping

its environs offer all sorts of green landscapes to see and experience. Special sights of interests are: the locks of Berg on the Göta Canal, the locks of the Kinda Canal, Gamla Linköping, Valla skogen and Valla fritidsområde (Old Linköping, Valla Wood, and the Valla recreational area Flygvapen museum (the Air Force Museum Linköping's domkyrka (the Cathedral. Historically, Linköping is famed for being an early diocese, second in Sweden (within its pre-1658 boundaries) only to Skara. Linköping is also the home of theatrical heavy metal band Ghost and rock band the Pusjkins ( sv ). The city is possibly named after the. Contents, history edit, hunnebergsgatan: an old street with preserved older buildings. Konsthallen Passagen is an art gallery located in the main square. Education edit The city is home to Linköping University and its associated hospital Linköping University Hospital. The city is one of the sites of the Östergötland Music Days each summer, and the host of the Student Orchestra Festival in May every other year.

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It is the seat. Climate edit Linköping has a humid continental climate ( Dfb though with maritime linus lundin hockey influences, retaining the large differences between seasons but being comparatively mild when measured against other areas of the world on similar latitudes. Sweden, with 158,841 inhabitants as of 2018. Prognosdata från, levererat av Meteorologisk institutt och NRK. Linköping wants to create a sustainable development of the city and therefore plans to become a carbon neutral community by 2025. Ikea restaurangen julbord 149:-, julbordet serveras alla dagar 15/11 23/12.00.30 ( Lördag- Söndag.00 -.30). NärCon, the largest anime and gaming convention in the Nordic countries, is held in Linköping. The hockey team allied itself with Linköping's women's football team and created Linköpings FC, which plays in the highest division. Linköping votes as of 14 September Party Riksdag Percentage Municipality Percentage Left Party 4,7 5,8 Social Democrats 29,1 33,9 Green Party 8,2 8,2 Centre Party 6,1 5,6 Moderate Party 24,2 23,3 Christian Democrats 5,8 6,4 Liberal People's Party 7,0 7,7 Sweden Democrats 11,2 7,7 other. Located on the Östergötland Plain, Linköping is closely linked.

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