Antagningsenheten uppsala universitet

antagningsenheten uppsala universitet

4 November 2016. Since 2017 we offer four bachelors programmes taught in English, three in the area of game design and one in the area of energy transition. What is Uppsala University (UU) best known for? Winroth and with the university board, she died in 1911 from an overdose of sleeping-powder.

Internationell politik uppsala universitet
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Hotellfrukost radisson uppsala

In the mid-18th century, there were plans to move it back to the Academia Carolina or a new building on the same spot. The university received a stable structure with its constitution of 1626. Among the most important of these was that the university was officially given the same freedoms and privileges as the University of Bologna. The first university in Sweden. The old main building of the Uppsala University Hospital, photograph from.

antagningsenheten uppsala universitet