Turistbåt under stockholms broder

turistbåt under stockholms broder

Broder Daniel. Note 10 : This week was Nomination Roulette. Note 17 : For the final week, the public were voting to win rather than to save. We also offer beer, wine, sandwiches and snacks. References edit External links edit Retrieved from " ". Day 56 Sara Day 7 Day 52 Linnea Day 1 Day 47 Alexander Day 7 Day 42 Troy Day 1 Day 35 Andreas Day 7 Day 28 Sasa Day 1 Day 24 Elin Day 7 Day 21 Debbie Day 1 Day 14 Alex Day. The two who were voted to spend three days in the room are André and Puffen. Day 1, day 70, andré, day 3, day. Respectively, she punished Patricia and rewarded Alex. We will pass many of the citys sights as we slide by the different parts of Stockholm. Colour key Won the title of Power Player Eligible to become Power Player Not in the house at the time when the Power Player was decided Was not eligible to become Power Player Housemate Day 15 Day 57 Day 7y 21y 35y 4956 Public.

turistbåt under stockholms broder

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Note 6 : On Day 24, Sasa chose to leave the house due to personal reasons. He was told that he would have the power to choose two housemate to be evicted. Alexander used the immunity he won last week, therefore immune this week. On Day 5, Lina chose Troy as the Power Player. On Day 2, she had to choose which of her housemates should be the first finalist from the season. Note 7 : Power Player Linnea chose to save Troy from eviction. The Power Player is immune from being nominated for the week they hold the title, but they can still nominate others. Puffen, day 3, day 70, isabella, day.

She decided to cancel Patricia's permanent nomination. Det omfattande folkbokföringsarkivet a href pages/w/ " Rotemansarkivet /a och.

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