Vasa museet stockholm

vasa museet stockholm

supposed to carry, but the high-sided hull and narrow upper deck were not optimised for. Two were calibrated in Swedish feet, which had 12 inches, while the other two measured Amsterdam feet, which had 11 inches. In the Battle of Oliwa in 1627, a Swedish squadron was outmaneuvered and defeated by a Polish force and two large ships were lost. The gun ports were closed by means of temporary lids, a temporary replacement of the collapsed sterncastle was constructed, and many of the holes from the iron bolts that had rusted away were plugged. The Tender Ship: Governmental Management of Technological Change. Eventually the entire sterncastle, the high, aft portion of the ship that housed the officers' quarters and held up the transom, gradually collapsed into the mud with all the decorative sculptures.

Archived from the original on Retrieved 8 December 2007. The entire ornamentation was once painted in vivid colors. This was the largest concentration of artillery in a single warship in the Baltic at the time, perhaps in all of northern Europe, and it was not until the 1630s that a ship with more firepower was built. The war had been raging since umeå kommun bygglov altan 1618 and from a Protestant perspective it was not successful. 5859 Hocker in Cederlund (2006. The only actual portrait of the king, however, is located at the very top of the transom in the stern. Deterioration edit Two of the knightheads, posts used to fasten ropes, on the weather deck. 11 million at Wasavarvet 196188 and 18 million at the permanent museum since 1990. Construction work in Stockholm harbor usually results in blasting of bedrock, and the resulting tonnes of rubble were often dumped in the harbor; some of this landed on the ship, causing further damage to the stern and the upper deck. Dezember .00 Uhr bis.00 Uhr, mittwochs.00 Uhr bis.00 Uhr (Vasa Museum Restaurant.00 Uhr bis.30 Uhr). Of the human remains, most of the soft tissue was quickly consumed by bacteria, fish and crustaceans, leaving only the bones, which were often held together only by clothing, although in one case, hair, nails and brain tissue survived. Audioguide, anhand unserer MP3-Führung können Sie eine Tour auf eigene Faust durch das Museum unternehmen.

vasa museet stockholm

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