Google maps lund caracas venezuela

google maps lund caracas venezuela

France d'Outre-Mer, a French government organization formed in 1956 to aid development of broadcasting in the former French territories. "The Largest Storage Dome in South America". It contains some interesting memories of the club's early days (the club was eight years old in 1935 with a focus on the Courtesy Programs Committee, which was a major nnrc activity. The club's full name was the New Zealand Short Wave Radio Club, and it operated from 1930 to 1937. There is a list of locations and wavelengths on the back, and pictures of station personalities on the cover. The QSL was sent to ace BCB DXer Kermit Geary, and the QSL statement is on the last page. The author, Earl Sparling, is not otherwise identified, but a quick Google/New York Times search indicates that there was a writer/newspaperman by that name who wrote novels, and also wrote on business topics, in those jens lundqvist söderhamn years. 247, American Legion, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Station 10-AK (1935) and Wingham, Ont. It was not universally embraced within the hobby, in part due to the stridency of iswc statements on the subject.

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google maps lund caracas venezuela

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Universo, Curitiba, 9545 kHz. Wums was one of the longest operating pirates, usually heard on the broadcast band. Here is a group of 18 more cards. India and the use of wavelength rather than frequency. 1972 stillström linköping (Bundy (2) Iran, Radio of the Patriots (anti-Shah, believed from Libya 1250 kHz. TI4NRH - Here is a 4-page folder from the well-known early Costa Rican shortwave station, TI4NRH.

It appeared in the December 1935 issue of radex. "Poster stamps" are a subcategory of cinderellas, usually used for advertising or promotional purposes. Liberian Rural Communications Network (lrcn) - Everyone knows elwa, but do you remember the Liberian Rural Communications Network (lrcn which operated in 1987?