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reported that in 2007,.S. Came and went on December 13 without any of the militants inside Tora Bora surrendering. 3, Haji Hayat Ullah - a member of the Eastern Shura who, according to both Afghan and Pakistani sources had long ties to bin Laden - asked for the "safe passage" for three of his Arab friends. His death, if true, would be a crippling blow to Al Qaeda. Access-date requires url ( help ) Steve Rose (May 4, 2011). A subsequent account on an Al Qaeda website offered an explanation of how he saved himself: Bin Laden had dreamed about a scorpion descending 4 joule bollen pistol billiga into one of the trenches that his men had dug, so he evacuated his trench. The ancient trading center, situated on the old Silk Road, has long been a meeting place for Pashtun tribesmen who come from hours away - and from across the border in Pakistan - to barter weapons, purchase mules, and negotiate political loyalties. Bin Laden told his sons they had to memorize every rock on the routes to Pakistan.

The Battle of Tora Bora was a military engagement that took place in Afghanistan from December 6, 2001 to December 17, 2001, during the opening stages of the War in Afghanistan launched by the United States following the September 11 attacks.
When Tora Bora was eventually captured by the.S.
And Afghan troops, no traces of the supposed "fortress" were found despite painstaking searches in the surrounding areas.
Tora Bora turned out to be a system of small natural caves housing, at most, 200 fighters.

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They coordinated the air strikes. The 15 guards closed ranks and shuffled out the door behind him. We walked from there to the baseline edge of the mountains. The fighting today was fierce,. Ilyas Khel: He worked under commander Gul during the Taliban era. "The US planes have flown out of the area again." "The Sheikh bin Laden says keep your children in the caves and fight for Allah. Reliance on local proxieshad already succeeded in overthrowing the Taliban, and he argued that it would take time to get more.S. "Maybe the only lesson that is applicable is: whenever you use local forces, they have local agendas says one senior Western diplomat, now looking at options for invading Iraq. Coordinates : 340700N 701300E /.116667N.216667E /.116667;.216667. Zamans deadline of.m. He reiterated his preference for a light footprint and his concern about the time it would take to put additional troops on the ground. Bin Laden was clearly at Tora Bora, and sending so few troops was indeed a major failure.