Toolpool Malmö

toolpool Malmö

the world biggest advertising archive. I have more or less 20 different tools. And it would be a stupid move to buy one, both from a financial and an environmental perspective. Can I borrow the same tool for more than one day? But as soon as you have returned them, you can borrow more. Facebook AS cost-effective marketing tool. Background, lACK OF tools AND knowledge, people are increasingly doing small repairs at home themselves (DIY). The press quickly picked up on the story, giving the store great free coverage.

toolpool Malmö

Hej och välkommen till världens första.
Den funkar ungefär som en bilpool, fast med verktyg som alla får dela.
Allt du behöver göra för att gå med, är att dela vidare bland dina vänner på Facebook.
A few years ago, small hardware shops were often found in city centres.

You can find most accessories at Malmö Järnhandel. I show them how to make verisure uppsala everyday fixes at home for free. Highly structured and thoroughly collected database for researches on creative advertising approaches. Matti Jokela is happy with the results: Today 1600 people belong to the Facebook group. He approached the market from a new angle: rather than selling tools, he set out to meet the needs of his customers,.e.

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